Thursday, December 30, 2010

3 days later jeez!!

I've been busy between jobs. I like working at Olive Garden and Au Lac right now, but I want to make money doing art. To motivate myself to do commissions at home I'm going to offer $5 portrait and $10 full-body sketch commissions that are quick. I'm having fun doing samples... The first one was really fast since I was so focused. But after that I started thinking about other things and wasn't really paying attention to what it was I was doing, which always results in me doing things over and over and forgetting what it was I was trying to do in the first place....

Original, Kurapika, Len from Vocaloids, and original Zhao lookalike, lol

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Try this again...

I haven't really posted anything here. It's because I thought that the work I've done isn't worth sharing. However from now on, I would like to update this blog almost everyday, even if I'm just sharing some awful messy drawings or simple studies.

Here's to the moment. =]

Bridgman studies. Each page took about 45 -60 minutes I think.