Saturday, February 5, 2011


Here is a short story I thought up in the car today. This was typed up in a couple minutes for fun. One-shot, initial draft. =]

Once upon a time there was a very very busy man.
He was always so busy that while he was doing one thing, he kept thinking about the next thing he had to do.
But the man was always sad to be doing whatever it was he was doing, because he dreamt about making a song that kept playing in his head.
He wanted to compose the song, but he had to keep working, seeing people, and doing normal daily things to live, or so he thought.
One day he had the brilliant idea!
He hated driving because he hated having to sit there, going someplace, when he could be working on something. The only thing he could do was listen to the radio, which made him even more frustrated! One day as he was listening, he bolted his hand toward a pen and scavenged ravenously through his suitcase for blank paper. Going 80 miles an hour, he stuck his suitcase between his lap and the steering wheel so he could write his song on the blank paper he found.
But he got so absorbed in trying to compose that he forgot he was driving! The rest of the traffic ahead had come to a stop, but without looking up, he rear-ended another car. HAving been liable for the accident, and the cop thought he was on drugs... he went to jail for the night. Since all his belongings had been taken from him, he asked for a piece of paper and pen from the guard. He wrote his song in the quiet jail that night. And without having slept a wink, he happily left the jail with his finished masterpiece and decided he would make time for writing music from now on.

The end!


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I love it.

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